NATIONAL CITY, Calif. — After overturning the law enacted in 1992, National City continued its discussion  on the lowrider cruising ban.

That’s because questions on how organized cruising events still needed to be addressed in a second hearing.

“It’s very easy to pin people of color in these kinds of light so it was critical to make that point  so we can overcome these barriers and really hold our elective officials accountable,” said Aida Castaneda, who is part of the United Lowriders Coalition.

During the city meeting, the council gave the green light to large cruising events and voted it would address concerns as car shows begin next month.

The biggest concern addressed was ensuring community safety during these events.

For the United Lowrider Coalition, lifting the ban is a huge victory.

“It’s a passion that we have for these lowrider cars that we fixed up, we made it like an art when we were cruising down the boulevard. or going to an event or with your family. We just feel very excited with these cars. It’s a passion for us,” said Marcos Arellano, President of the United Lowriders Coalition.

Back then, events did attract crowds of people who were not part of the lowriding scene, sometimes leading to fights and traffic jams.

Some members tell me they have been working to distance themselves from that negative narrative.

“We have good jobs and look at our kids and our families. we’re not out there causing any issues,” said Arellano.

They are now planning a car show celebration on Highland Avenue in May.

The change in ordinance will take effect 30 days after Tuesday’s meeting.


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